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Our unique International Product Thinking transforms your business vision into an actionable Product Plan.


Our Team of Experts work as an extension of your team to develop a fast and reliable solution


A carefully International selected team lead by a Product Manager will rapidly build your product


We will here in the long run for your product roadmap and grow your business. Enhancements, updates, and support.

Our Work in Solarium

Helping Each Other

Solarium is a Startup Studio led by members from China, Costa Rica & USA. After 7 years designing and building custom services, the Solarium team implement tools that help create and scale successful companies. Our team builds new companies based on internal ideas while occasionally collaborating with founders of early-stage companies whose missions Solarium believes in. We help companies avoid common pitfalls in early-stage ventures and actively remove roadblocks along the way; specializing in product strategy, system design, and user experience

Mobile and Web

Because our approach to UX and UI design puts your users first, we can adapt our capabilities to serve any industry or sector. In fact, because we don’t work exclusively with any one particular type of client, we approach every project with a fresh set of eyes and ears, and we do our work based on what’s best for your business rather than what has worked in the past.

At Solarium, our philosophy, our insights and the unique capabilities of our team make us the best partner for your upcoming project.

Special Clients

All Star Team

Resources all over the World

Carlos Lastres

Carlos Lastres

Product Manager - UX/UI Designer

+6 Years of Experience as a Full-stack engineer, UX Designer & Product Manager.

Jason Mao

Jason Mao

Software Developer

4 Years Experience in User Interface Design & Front End Development.

Rob Moya

Rob Moya

Software Developer - UX/UI Designer

6 Years Experience in User Interface Design & Front End Development.

Spencer Shen

Spencer Shen

Content Manager

Experience in Community Service Center for the Government Offices in Hangzhou, China.

Janet Sawari

Janet Sawari

Marketing Manager

International Experience in Marketing and Community Management


Not sure about your idea

A prototype is your best option! We will create a functional prototype for you in order to check the potential of your idea

We will help you build your MVP

We know how important is to build the right MVP. We will build the best MVP for you using Product Thinking .


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